#LittleGirlBIGDreams LPGA-USGA Girl’s Golf Camp

It’s only fitting that summer camps began on the most sweltering week of the year, but at the Charles Sifford Golf Course, the LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Campers did not seem to mind the heat. The LPGA-USGA Girls Golf program is a unique national initiative that aims to prepare juniors for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game.  Studies show that when girls are given the opportunity to learn and play in a “girl-friendly” environment, then they consistently show a higher level of engagement and are more comfortable, and they have a heightened confidence and are more likely to engage. For these reasons, we continue to offer this camp each year.


Our girls this week proved to be an exceptional group.  Not only were they skilled golfers, but they were excited to learn and grow as young women. Each day, we practiced games and drills led by Coach Kaitlyn Jarman and Coach Julee Sovesky (owner of The Golf Studio at Northstone) along with the help of our fabulous The First Tee of Greater Charlotte volunteers.

The Girl’s Golf program focuses on “The Five E’s” which are exercise, engage, energize, enrich, and empower. At the end of each day, while the girls cooled-down and ate their lunch, we hosted a guest speaker to focus on one of the Five E’s.


Exercise: Coach Julee recapped her journey as a life-long golfer, but most importantly as an athlete.

Engage: Miss Jr. Teen America, Alex Quinn, (also a The First Tee Participant) discussed an issue very relevant for today’s girls – overcoming stereotypes.


Energize: Lynn Hughes, a local yoga instructor, took the time to come out and lead the girls in a class. They learned new poses and breathing exercises to keep the mind and body healthy. Namaste


Empower & Enrich: ESPNU reporter, Cara Capuano, spoke about the importance of empowering each other, maintaining your confidence, and working towards your dreams.


The week seemed to fly by, but in the short time, the girls learned life lessons, improved their golf game, and made lasting friendships.


For more info on the national program click here

Below are a few quotes from our girls

Kara & Lily “We got to do fun things. We got to go on the course. We learned new stuff, and our coaches were very very very nice!”
Nicole “We made new friends!”
Anna “We got to learn the rules of golf!”
Coach Alex
Coach Emy “As the week progressed, I could see how much more empowered the girls felt than in the beginning of the week.” Coach Alex “I like seeing the girls grow from where they were at the beginning of the week to where they finish at the end.”
Coach Katherine “I like getting to see the girls have fun and make new friends.”

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