My Week at IJGA Training – by Casey Lindo

On June 14, Ace Participant Casey Lindo headed down to Hilton Head Island to attend training at the International Junior Golf Academy. This opportunity is one of many provided by The First Tee Home Office. Casey was selected out of hundreds of applicants based on his golf resume, written essays, and commitment to The First Tee. We were so proud to have Casey represent Greater Charlotte! Below is his story…

Casey Lindo IJGA

The week at the IJGA camp was AMAZING!!! We stayed in a regular apartment complex.  I guess that is what college will feel like. I was lucky to have 3 great roommates. On the first day, we had a putting contest in the room.  That was a fun start to the week.   IJGA2

Every day, we played 9 holes at beautiful golf courses.   I also had a personal coach, Kevin Pendley.  He is the coach at Winthrop College.  He was cool, funny and is an excellent teacher.(Just like Coach Ian)  He taught me many things that helped my short game and my long game.  Definitely improved my consistency. We also had many competitions that included pitching, chipping and putting.  (I went 11-1 in the putting challenges.  They nicknamed me “Birdie boy”).    I came in 2nd place overall in my age group and received an ITunes gift card. — We also had one night at the fitness center where we learned different ways to stretch our bodies to be more flexible.  I also met with the mental coach that showed us to not compete AGAINST your opponent, but compete WITH your opponent.

Casey Lindo Celeb Tourn

During the week, I made many friends and met students from many different places.  From China to California to New York to name a few.    I also had a group of friends that I did everything with as we were split into groups.  After playing golf, we would all go to the mall, play mini-golf, go swimming, go to the beach, go kayaking or just simply hang out.  We had sooooo much fun together! We ended up getting really close and it was extremely hard to say goodbye! One of my favorite parts of the week was that my birthday was smack dab in the middle of it.  That was a lot of fun. I was a celebrity for a day!

This was one of the most exciting weeks of my life.  I wanted to stay another week because I learned soooo much. (My dad suggested that I ask my rich uncle…. Except that I don’t have a rich uncle. Lol)  — I am going to work extremely hard on everything that I learned last week so I can raise my game to the next level. Thank you for helping me get selected for this amazing opportunity!


For More Info on IJGA click here



  1. This is so great. We love the First Tee. I truly believe this is where my son learned to like the game. Now he does tournaments and dreams of the day he will be on the PGA tour. Thank you First Tee.


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