Toni Takes Pinehurst

Toni Lindo

Last month, Toni Lindo’s parents packed up their car and drove her to Pinehurst Junior Golf Academy for the experience of a lifetime.  First, I have to mention, you may recognize the last name from our previous post featuring her brother, Casey. Second, I want to give a shout-out to the Lindo parents for not only raising outstanding young adults, but also for being so supportive and driving across the Carolina’s all summer!

Back to the story… Toni earned this opportunity by applying for the Isaac B. Grainger, Jr. Scholarship.  The scholarship awards deserving participants one week of camp at the Pinehurst Junior Golf Academy.  Toni had an extraordinary week, and she even came home with an award.  Her story is below.

The Pinehurst Junior Golf Academy was one of the best experiences ever!  I had no idea what to expect, but, from day one, the counselors were nice, and the coaches were great and helpful.  I met some nice people and had fun all day and then enjoyed hanging with the other kids at night at the hotel.  I was one of the older students, so I was a little bit of a leader.

Toni Lindo Pinehurst 2

Each morning after breakfast, we would take a shuttle to the clubhouse then walk down to the academy.   IT WAS HOT!  One of the days it was 104 degrees; but they did a very good job of providing water and making sure we drank.   At the academy, we would work on full swing, pitching routines, putting routines and a little bit of sand shots. We would stay at the academy for about 3 hours.  Each day I learned something new. I listened to the coaches and caught on quickly to what they were telling me to do. We also had a few fun challenges. Then, we would walk back to the clubhouse for lunch.  By the way, the food all week was excellent!   After lunch, we went out to play either 9 or 18 holes.  Throughout the five days, we played Pinehurst No. 1, 3, and 5.  (I guess I will have to play #2 when I am on the LPGA tour). We then would go back to the hotel to relax and later go to dinner.   After dinner, we went to the pool a couple days, and we played putt-putt another.   Walking in the blazing heat wore us down a couple days, so we just relaxed in the evening.  If I got through that, I can walk 18 in 80 degree weather with no problem. I loved the hotel (did I mention that the food was amazing?)! I had my own room and it was the hangout spot.  I had about 11 kids in my room to watch the NBA finals one night. That was fun! I received some goodies including a hat and a very cool water bottle.  The last day, we had a banquet with steak and potatoes.  At the banquet, I got the award for the Most Improved Swing, and my prize was a beautiful shirt that says Pinehurst 1895. I was very proud of myself.


To the Isaac B. Grainger, Jr. Scholarship Committee:

Thank you for sending me to the camp; I got much better. I’m stronger, and I learned some skills that will allow me to beat my father and brother soon.  This experience has made me excited and want to keep working on what I learned so that I can get better and better.  I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity and an experience that I will NEVER forget!  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!




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