Playing with Champions: Interview with Dylan Fisher

We got the chance to catch up with participant, Dylan Fisher, after his incredible trip playing in The Nature Valley First Tee Open at Pebble Beach. Dylan ended up missing cut by just 3, finishing at 5 under.

How did it feel when you first stepped onto the course at Pebble Beach?
The views were amazing and beautiful. The view made me take in the moment and not think about the game too much.
Who were you paired with?
Bart Bryant. He was pretty introverted but very encouraging. He was a very nice guy and a positive player.

What is one thing you learned about yourself while you were there?
I learned that my attitude on the golf course is a lot better than I thought it was. I can be hard on myself, but after watching the pros and other kids emotions and reactions, I realized that I have a great attitude.
What was the best part of your game while you were there?
Ball striking. I hit a lot greens. Also distance control. You have to pretty precise on where you land green.
Name some of the influential people that you met
Mr. Jeffrey Harmening who is an Executive Vice President and COO at General Mills. He was at the breakfast table one day and I got to talk to him for a bit there. Also, Leon Panetta was a speaker. He is a former Director of the CIA. He was very inspiring.

PB2015_5What did you learn from speaking with Mr. Harmening?
He gave me tips on networking. We talked about The First Tee quite a bit. We also talked about colleges. He advised me not to commit to a major too early, but instead to explore the first year and find what you like.
What was the most memorable hole?
Seven at Pebble Beach. It’s a short Par 3, and I was able to Birdie that hole. I struggled with it during the practice round, and then I was able to hit my drive to 12 feet from the hole. The ocean was on both sides, so it was hard to focus, but I got it in.

pebble beach

What core value did you rely on most while you were there?
Courtesy. Showing courtesy to everyone while I was there was really important to me. I think that being courteous makes people more open to talking to you.

To next year’s juniors – what is one piece of advice you’d give them?
On the first night, we have a skills challenge – try as hard as possible on that night because the winner got a signed flag from Arnold Palmer. Also, don’t worry about what you’re shooting. Have fun with it.



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