Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer with The First Tee of Greater Charlotte

1. It increases your personal health 1

When you volunteer, you are focusing your attention on others, and not on yourself. Perhaps you have a lot going on in your life at the moment…or perhaps a recent college graduate…or maybe you just need a break from your day job. Whatever the reason may be, volunteering is a great way to free your mind, and relax. Especially when you get to hang out with the amazing kids at The First Tee of Greater Charlotte!

2. You learn something new


So you want to be a volunteer with The First Tee of Greater Charlotte-but you don’t think you can because you have never played golf-let alone coached anyone in golf-before. That is okay! At The First Tee of Greater Charlotte, we take volunteers of all skill levels. Rest assured, our volunteers come from a variety of different backgrounds and skill levels.  Prior to the start of each season, Volunteer Orientations and Trainings are offered where you will learn all the necessary skills needed to assist with classes. While you are teaching the participants new skills-you could be learning new skills yourself.

3. Volunteering looks great on a resume

3A strong and robust resume is needed not only for job hunting but for college applications as well.  An exceptional resume will not only feature prior job experience or academic performance but also volunteerism and community involvement.  Spending one to two hours per week for an eight to ten week class not only shows dedication and commitment but also great leadership skills, communication skills, and a passion for your community.

4. It enhances your personal growth

4Similar to learning Spanish, taking a yoga class, or reading a new book, volunteering is also great for personal growth. The relationships you will build with participants of The First Tee of Greater Charlotte will makes an impact not only in their lives but in yours as well.  The program gives youth ages 5-18 the opportunity to learn life skills, core values and the game of golf through interactive and Activity-Based games.  While the participants learn and grow, you grow.


5. You build new relationships

5You not only build relationships with the participants in the program, you build relationships with the staff at The First Tee, and your fellow volunteers. When you join our growing team of volunteers, you gain access to an amazing network of people. Our volunteers come from all walks of life-working professionals, retirees, and even a few alumni and current participants.  We believe that everyone has a story to share. We want you to be a part of our story

6. You learn the significance of a single gesture


Coaches encourage young people to follow life skill and core value behaviors while at The First Tee and in other aspects of life: Respect for myself, respect for others and respect for my surroundings. The First Tee of Greater Charlotte teaches core values such as honesty and courtesy. Each round of golf begins and ends with a handshake between participants. They also learn the rules of the game and to be respectful on the course. Teaching the participants these values and skills on the course sets them up for success off the course.

7. You can play outside

7The First Tee of Greater Charlotte offers programming at seven area locations: Emerald Lake GC, Fort Mill GC, Highland Creek GC, Charles T. Myers GC, Springfield GC, Sunset Hills GC, and of course The First Tee of Greater Charlotte Learning Center, located at The Dr. Charles L Sifford Golf Course at Revolution Park. All of our locations offer outdoor classes either on the driving range, golf course or short game area.  On a warm afternoon-it’s a great place to wrap up the day!

8. You can help improve your community


Participants at The First Tee learn interpersonal skills, self-management skills, goal-setting and resilience skills that will help them not only on the golf course but at school and their personal life as well.  The First Tee is making a difference in the Greater Charlotte community by helping to create the leaders of tomorrow.

9. You make a difference

9In today’s society, 11.3 million American youth are either alone or unsupervised between the hours of 3pm-6pm. The First Tee helps to combat this problem by offering low to no cost programs during these hours.  The First Tee of Greater Charlotte impacts over 1,500 kids each year through its unique programming model. The program teaches youth ages 5-18 valuable life skills, core values, and healthy habits through the game of golf. When you volunteer with us, you are a part of this special experience. That makes it truly unique.

10. It’s contagious….

10When you leave The First Tee of Greater Charlotte and tell your friends and family about how much fun it is, it makes them want to volunteer too. Spreading knowledge about program and volunteer opportunities is a great way to help more participants and volunteers get involved.  Part of our coaching philosophy is “doing versus telling.” We train coaches to be mentors – in golf and in life. It is because of amazing volunteers like you that The First Tee of Greater Charlotte can continue to make an impact for years to come….. Plus, it’s just fun!

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